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My Practice

Since 1994, my practice strives to create a safe and comfortable environ­ment for the whole person. Clients see me for different reasons including balancing the whole body, orthopedic problems, chronic issues, preventive care, pain relief, sports enhancement, performance optimization, prehab, rehab, personal growth, quality of life, and long term sustainability and quality of life. The work is different from person to person.

Our work is client-centered therapy. Our work is a collaborative process, I work with you not on you.

Of course it’s a gross over-generalization but everybody pretty much has two treatment plans: Plan A is to help you out with your main issue, interest, and/or concern. That could be your whole body or your left foot. Either way, Plan A is to respectfully address you and and your primary motivation. Plan B is to help you continue to do the things you love into your 90’s.

“The body isn’t making intellectual decisions based on aesthetics, politics, prejudice, or preference. The body is just doing what it’s designed to do, to help itself, the best it can”

– Bruce Schonfeld