Client-Centered Therapy

Our work together is a collaborative process focused on the client, including atten­tion and service to your feel­ings, body sensations, and whole person ex­per­i­ence. My intention is to assist clients in identifying, troubleshooting, and working through their various structural and functional body-based issues.


“The body isn’t making intellectual decisions based on aesthetics, politics, prejudice, or preference. The body is just doing what it’s designed to do, to help itself, the best it can.” – Bruce Schonfeld


Bruce Schonfeld was certified in Rolfing Structural Integration® in 1994 and has cross-trained in Visceral Osteopathy since 1996. His education and experience have matured into a unique systems anatomy approach to clinical reasoning, troubleshooting, and manual therapy.  His private practice is located in Los Angeles and he teaches continuing education workshops locally and worldwide. A lifelong learner, Bruce enjoys taking Continuing Medical Education classes at Cedars-Sinai as an Allied Healthcare Professional.
Bruce strives to create a safe and comfortable environ­ment for pain relief, recovery, personal growth, and sustainable body realign­ment. His dual perspectives of Rolfing and Osteopathy offer a unique clinical approach to pre­ven­tive, or­tho­pe­dic and hol­is­tic health care. His vision is to meet the body on its own terms.


Appointments are available Monday – Thursday and Saturday. To schedule your first appointment, contact Bruce.


Bruce Schonfeld Directed and Produced the documentary film The Secret Life of Fascia.