Gravity & Balance

Our bodies must deal with gravity, as do other material structures. When we are out of balance, gravity drags us down, just as it drags down a building that has lost its architectural integrity. Whether in a building, or a human body, stress tends to manifest itself where structure is most vulnerable.

A balanced body is characterized by an unencumbered, lengthened, fluid myo­fas­cial system which supports our struc­ture by working with gravity, not against it. Conversely, characteristics of an un­balanced body may include: poor posture, scar tissue, adhesions, range of motion restrictions, repetitive motion disorders, joint dysfunction, misaligned bones, stress, tension, and pain. These may be experienced either in the form of specific symptoms, or more generalized problems.

So at the end of the day our bodies are subject to the same laws of physics that put wear and tear on our automobiles. And all the logic attached to the ritual of taking cars in for tune-ups applies to our bodies as well. We would be wise to extend the same care to ourselves as our material possessions. It is not a luxury or indulgence to take care of our physical form, it is essential.

“Don’t fight forces, use them”

– R. Buckminster Fuller