advancedrolfing | Bodyworker’s Decompression
Rolfing is a body therapy system of hands on manipulation and education designed to improve whole body alignment, balance, flexibility, and use. Anatomically, Rolfing addresses the connective tissues of the mus­cu­lo­skel­e­tal system. Like a unified web; muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, joints, and bones seamlessly attach to each other. Their beautiful interweaving reveals that the whole, truly, is greater than the sum of its parts. Rolfing seeks to return these myofascial relationships to their natural order and integrity.
Rolfing, mus­cu­lo­skel­e­tal, connective tissues, manipulation, muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, joints, pain, bone
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Bodyworker’s Decompression

Skills in Structural Integration with Bruce Schonfeld

Qi cannot optimally flow where fascia is fixated

In the tradition of Ida Rolf, Bodyworker’s Decompression offers holistic and orthopedic approaches to the restoration and evolution of our human form. Like a web seamlessly connecting the musculoskeletal system, fascia is our medium and canvass for testing specific motion restrictions and whole body strain patterns. With mutual respect, our inquiry into the tao of technique, body mechanics, healthy mobility, alignment and adaptation will be approached anatomically from the outside-in. From the extremities, through the girdles and into the core, we will explore symmetry through an understanding of midline and underlying “structural types” as well as asymmetry through individual variation and the primary lesion theory.

This class serves as an introduction to both structural and functional aspects of Structural Integration. Students will give and receive supervised sessions as well as explore personal embodiment through body awareness, experiential movement and preventive workouts.

From head to toe with kindness, postural & palpatory analysis skills will be highlighted and honed throughout the week. Like sculpture in slow motion, decompression and mobilization techniques for pain relief and increased range of motion will be demonstrated, explained and consciously practiced.

In the era of specialization, we will additionally consider the whole.