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Movement Education

Movement Education

Often the seemingly most mundane or habitual activities are the places in everyday life where a little movement education and/or ergonomic adjustment can help minimize or eliminate ongoing tension. Empowering clients to understand how they are doing what they are doing and teaching them to listen to their bodies are cru­cial steps in helping peo­ple to improve their own health. By dis­cern­ing un­der­lying struc­ture and postural preferen­ces one can create, com­pli­ment, or modify an exercise, yoga, or weight training program to specifically stretch, strengthen, and train in the direction of anato­mical balance.

“Movement isn’t what we do, it’s who we are”

– Emilie Conrad

Bruce offers tailor-made workouts for alignment, rehabilitation, and cross training.

Integrated Manual Ther­apies (IMT) also helps diminish stress by de­con­structing re­pe­ti­tive mo­tion activities like sit­ting, sleeping, the work environment, and per­son­al er­go­no­mics. Ad­dres­sing these dif­fer­ent functional com­po­nents is quite often the cutting edge of IMT, as modifying or changing old patterns can be challenging on many levels. Dedicated to supporting health beyond office appointments, IMT further empowers proactive clients.

Originally used by Swiss physiotherapists to rehabilitate their patients, Bruce’s approach to teaching Swiss Ball Techniques is twofold. One aspect is rational and technique driven, with an emphasis on specific inversion and antigravity techniques to stretch, strengthen, and decompress the body. The other is process oriented, with its emphasis on experience, sensation, improvisation, and the transitions between moves. The two eventually offer a means to do bodywork on yourself. The technique is also helpful for combating workplace injury and R.S.I.