advancedrolfing | Postural & Palpatory Analysis
Rolfing is a body therapy system of hands on manipulation and education designed to improve whole body alignment, balance, flexibility, and use. Anatomically, Rolfing addresses the connective tissues of the mus­cu­lo­skel­e­tal system. Like a unified web; muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, joints, and bones seamlessly attach to each other. Their beautiful interweaving reveals that the whole, truly, is greater than the sum of its parts. Rolfing seeks to return these myofascial relationships to their natural order and integrity.
Rolfing, mus­cu­lo­skel­e­tal, connective tissues, manipulation, muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, joints, pain, bone
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Postural & Palpatory Analysis

Skills in Structural Integration with Bruce Schonfeld

Much of the art and science of manual therapy lies in our ability to strategize an intervention based on what we see and feel. Long before technique, perceiving subtle variations in tissue mobility and tone are important keys to interpreting structure and problem solving to a deeper level. This class will zero in on customizing strategies to meet the specific needs of different body types. With an understanding of the relationships between the axial complex (cranium, spine, sacrum, and ribs) and the pelvic and shoulder girdles, underlying “structural types” will emerge and deepen our insight into the body; the body on its own terms.

This class will offer an assessment protocol of joint biomechanics and soft tissue tone as evaluative tools for whole body treatment. Visceral and musculoskeletal anatomy will both be covered to offer an integrated system perspective. This class is also appropriate for yoga, pilates, and gyrotonics teachers; personal trainers; somatic psychologists; and anyone genuinely interested in uncovering and rediscovering their body.