Legs & Feet

Skills in Structural Integration with Bruce Schonfeld

The effects of a ‘shorter’ leg, uneven weightbearing or even a more mysterious ‘fetal form’ can all be the unexamined root of adaptation throughout the whole body. Like a settled house whose doors and windows jam and get stuck from an uneven foundation, the pelvis and spine reach similar results when forced to adapt around ground level misalignment like a leg length differential. Chronic conditions, often seemingly unrelated and elsewhere in the body, have no choice but to deal with the underlying imbalance. The ar­chi­tec­tur­al mandate of having a strong and balanced foundation is in full effect in this class focusing on order in the legs and feet.

In terms of simple leverage actions do have consequences as order stacked on top of disorder has gravity and structure at mechanical odds with each other. The body loses energy as a result of the com­pen­sa­tion and counter-balancing that occur around the core dys­balance. In­stinc­tu­al­ly driven at the end of the day, our sensory apparatus enlists our mus­cu­lo­skeletal system to maintain a horizontal visual and auditory perspective. From head to toe the body relates to itself as a whole all the time.

Assessment skills as well as orthopedic myo­fascial & joint mobilization techniques for decreased pain and increased range of motion will be explained, demonstrated and practiced in practical labs.

General concepts regarding shoes, orthotics and ergonomically sup­port­ing the feet will be covered. Students are encouraged to bring their current and old orthotics.